Annual Dues Notice

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It is time to renew annual memberships to the Iowa AFP.  Dues and Assessments are due by January 31st and cover meetings and events for the rest of the calendar year.

Membership registration and payments can now be done online!  Please go to our website, and click on ‘Membership & Guest Payments’ under the ‘Membership’ menu option.

Iowa AFP accepts physical checks, credit cards, or dwolla payments.  If you prefer to do it all the traditional way, there is a link on the page that will take you to the 2015 Annual Dues Notice form which you can print and fill out.

If you encounter issues or have any questions, please email ( or call me (515-286-3042).

Structure & Dues

Structure & Dues

Membership Structure


Practitioner Members:

Individuals who have responsibility for treasury management functions within their organizations and are major participants in decision making regarding treasury management functions. Individuals whose primary job responsibilities are supplying goods or services to the treasury management industry are not included in this membership structure.

Associate Members:

Individuals who do not meet the membership criteria of a Practitioner Member, but who are involved in treasury management activities such as banking, education, consulting, etc.

Dues and Meeting Assessments


Annual dues and meeting assessments for each membership shall be payable in full on or before January 1 of each calendar year. The Board of Directors determines the appropriate annual dues and meeting assessments.

The dues per Company with up to two representatives are $100.00. The third and each additional representative are an additional $50.00. For 2009, the meeting assessment is $150.00 for each representative.


Representative Dues Meeting Assessment Total
One Representative $100 $150 $250
Two Representatives $100 $300 $400
Three Representatives $150 $450 $600

Dues and meeting assessments shall be considered delinquent if not paid within thirty days of the due date. Delinquency will result in the suspension of all voting privileges. Termination will result if dues and meeting assessments are not paid within sixty days of the due date. Termination of a membership will not relieve any individual of monies owed as a result of prior attendance.