President’s Message


President’s Message


Fellow treasury and finance professionals. Welcome to the Iowa AFP. We are a regional affiliate of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) operating as a non-profit organization. We serve the growing and important treasury and finance field. Since 2016, the Iowa AFP was established in the interest of treasury management for the general purpose of providing and maintaining a forum for designated representatives of firms, organizations, or individuals for the active and open exchange of ideas, concepts and techniques related to the field of treasury and finance.

Our organization is a valuable resource to help financial professionals in both large and small organizations learn about various trends, regulatory changes, and the impacts of both local and global events to the financial industry, regardless of whether you work for a financial institution, public or private company, or government entity. We are a great source of information, and we provide opportunities for you to network with other business professionals.

Membership is made up of Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Directors of Treasury, Corporate Treasury Managers, Cash Managers, Commercial Bankers, Consultants, Providers of Treasury Products, and Government Agencies. Companies such as Farmers Mutual Hail, American Equity, Athene, Bank Iowa, Bankers Trust, Chase, City of Des Moines, Community State Bank, FBL Financial Group, FHLB, Green State Credit Union, Great Western Bank, Gilbert & Cook, Krause Group, Lifespace Communities, Midwest Heritage Bank, EMC Insurance, NCMIC Group, Polk County, Shazam, US Bank, and Wells Fargo.

As you can see, this membership continues to grow and provide valuable information across all industries. If you know someone that may have interest in joining a fun, active, and informative professional group, please pass on our information. We are looking to grow the membership to help spread knowledge and information to our fellow treasury and finance peers.

The Iowa AFP board recognizes that the work/life balance has changed over the last 2-3 years. Professional association activities have fallen to the bottom of our priority lists. In recognition of this, we plan to establish a consistent schedule of meetings every second Thursday starting September 8th, 2022. Please refer to the meetings schedule on the website for all the dates. We are hoping to give everyone enough time to plan. The Iowa AFP board truly believes that our group can grow significantly over the next several months. The treasury and finance role is too important to not want to know what your fellow peers are up to!

Iowa AFP President
Chris Crawford – Treasury Supervisor
Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa

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