2016 – 2017 Meeting Schedule

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All meetings begin with lunch at 11:30.

Previous Meetings:

September 8, 2016
Des Moines Golf & Country Club – West Des Moines
Speaker: Pam Brodsack – Chief Technology Officer, TMG
Topic: “Will Blockchain Change the World?”

October 13, 2016
Des Moines Embassy Club – Downtown Des Moines
Speaker: Holger Ebert – TM Division Manager, Wells Fargo
Topic: “Millennials Coming of Age?”

November 10, 2016
Des Moines Golf & Country Club – West Des Moines
Speaker: Adrienne Baughman – President Forbs Export Services
Topic: Exporting & International Business

January 12, 2017
Des Moines Embassy Club – Downtown Des Moines
Speaker: Robin Anderson, Senior Economist for Principal Global Investors
Topic: The Economy

February 9, 2017
Des Moines Golf & Country Club – West Des Moines
Speaker: Steve McCullough, President – Iowa Student Loan
Topic: Iowa Student Loan Corporation

March 9, 2017
Des Moines Embassy Club – Downtown Des Moines
Speaker: Magnus Carlsson, National AFP
Topic: Electronic Payments Survey Report

April 13, 2017
Des Moines Golf & Country Club – West Des Moines
Speaker: Dave Nelson, President – Integrity
Topic: Social Engineering – The Imminent Threat Faced By All Employees

May 11, 2017
Des Moines Embassy Club – Downtown Des Moines
Speaker: Eric Lansky, StoneCastle Cash Management
Topic: Managing Short Term Cash Post MMF Reform

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